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1. Package Ordering
2. How to Place An Order / Checking Out?
3. Filtering Content In The Left Navigation
4. What Do I Get With My Order?
5. How Long Will My Order Take?
6. What Rights Do I Get?
7. Returns
8. Payment Options

1. Package Ordering
1. Add your package to your cart.
2. Once the package is in the cart, checkout.
3. After you checkout and pay, your order will then be approved. This normally takes just a few moments depending on load.
4. After order is approved you will go back into your account, under My Packages you will see the package or packages. Click on the package to begin adding items.
5. After you have added all the items or even just a few (You can checkout as many times as you want) proceed to checkout picking how you want the items encoded.
6. After you have checked out, order will encode and you will be notified by email to download order.
**** Again, you can checkout as many times as you need. Meaning, if you placed an order for a 500 scene pack. You can add 10 scenes to the pack and checkout then come back and add more, or add all 500 at one time. It is up to you. 

2. How To Place An Order / Checking Out.
When you find the item you like, click Add To Cart icon. Once all the items are in your cart, click the cart icon at the top right of the page. As you checkout, we will need to know URLs content will on for license. You will pick the encoding you need for the order. Yes you can pick the encoding you want as all orders are custom done to your spec. Once you have checked out, order will be approved and you will be emailed when order is ready to download. Then you log back into your account, go to My Orders, click View Orders. In there you will see the links to downlaod and status of order.

3. Filtering Content In The Left Navigation.
We designed the filter to allow you to get exactly what you want.
1. Start by filtering the product type you want, whether Scenes or DVD and the quality, SD or HD. We added quick links to the top nav.
2. Next filter by Main Genre (Straight, Gay or Tranny)
3. Next filter by sub-genre. This allows you to narrow down content you are after.
The rest of the filters just allow you to keep diving deeper. You can skip any of the 1-3 steps as it will just return more results.

4. What Do I Get With My Order?
Orders include Video, 2257 (If available and listed as compliant) and matching images (if available). Scenes and Titles will show if 2257 compliant and if include images. Image products include images and 2257.

5. How Long Will My Order Take?
All orders are encoded on the fly. They can be downloaded instantly after they are encoded. Encoding times vary depending on your output source. Example 50 HD DVD titles with 4 scenes each encoded at 4000kbps takes about 12hrs to encode them all. That’s about 15 min per title or 5 min per scene. We have 20 encoding servers so normally the wait time is less than 10 min per scene. Orders are approved and queued to servers during normal working hours from 9am - 3pm PST.
Instant Download - Once approved, These are titles/scenes that are ready to go. They can take 15-30+ minutes depending on the encoding specs you pick at checkout.
Delayed Download - Once Approved, These are titles/scene that are not 100% prepped. These normally are ready next day but no more than 2 business days.

6. What Rights Do I Get?
You get internet rights that include; Tube, Membership, Pay Per Minute and VOD rights. URLS must be listed at checkout. Image sets may be used for promiton and banners without limitation.

Rights do NOT include Resell, IP TV, OTT, Broadcast, Satellite, DVD distribution or any physical distribution. Please Contact Us or hit us up on live chat for these rights or any other rights not listed as pricing will vary or if you have questions on rights you will get before placing order.

7. Returns
We understand sometimes you buy duplicate scenes. We offer a 15 day exchange for all Scenes purchased.

8. Payment Options
We take all major credit cards. Also PayPal, Venmo, wire and check. Check will have a 10 day hold